Scilly Walks -  16th century blockhouse on Tresco

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Scilly Walks -  Rock-cut millstone on Tresco
Scilly Walks -  Mount Todden watch house on St Mary’s

The Isles of Scilly have a greater density of ancient sites than anywhere else in the British Isles.

They include:

  • Bronze Age entrance graves at Bant's Carn, Innisidgen, Buzza Hill and Porth Hellick on St Mary's, Obadiah's Barrow on Gugh, Works Carn on Bryher and many others

  • Standing stones at Long Rock on St Mary's and the Old Man of Gugh

  • Submerged prehistoric huts and field boundaries off Samson, Tresco, Bryher, Teän ....

  • An Iron Age/Romano-British village at Halangy Down

  • A Bronze Age and Iron Age settlement re-used as a Romano-British shrine on Nornour

  • Early Christian chapels on St Helen's, Teän and St Martin's

  • Tudor and Civil War castles on St Mary's and Tresco

  • A unique sequence of defences dating from the late 16th century to the Second World War on the Garrison, St Mary's

  • Ruined post-mediaeval houses on Samson

  • A maze, windmills, kelp pits, gun batteries, lighthouses, smugglers' caches ..... and much more!

Scilly Walks -  Statue menhir on St Martin’s
Scilly Walks - St Agnes lighthouse cresset now on Tresco
Scilly Walks - All Saints church on Bryher