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What's On - Woolpack Battery on the Garrison on St

Details of the walks, boat trips and slide shows that I and my husband, Chas Wood, are planning for the next week or two.


This is updated on a weekly basis between April and October.


You can also find up-to-date details on the Scilly Walks Facebook page.





Week commencing Saturday 31 March


Monday 2nd April, 8.15pm

'Scilly through the Ages' slide show, Methodist Hall, Church Street, Hugh Town


The 2018 Walk Scilly walking festival will take place from 4 to 14 April.


I will be guiding the following trips:


Friday 6th, 2.00pm

Nornour and the Eastern Isles - a cruise around the Eastern Isles to see seals and birds with a landing on Nornour to visit the prehistoric settlement site and Romano-British shrine


Monday 9th, 10.30am

Historic Tresco - a morning walk around the north of Tresco visiting the three castles as well as Bronze Age burial chambers and prehistoric boulder walls


Friday 13th, 2.00pm

Ancient St Mary's - a walk along the west coast of St Mary's taking in a range of sites from different periods, including the Iron Age/Romano-British period settlement at Halangy Down and the unfinished mid-16th century fort of Harry's Walls


I will also be presenting my 'Scilly through the Ages' slide show on Monday 9th at 8.15pm in the Methodist Hall, Church Street, Hugh Town



Chas will be leading these walks:


Thursday 5th, 2.30pm

Uninhabited St Helen's - a visit to the early mediaeval hermitage and 18th century quarantine establishment on St Helen's followed by a walk around the island


Sunday 8th, 10.45am

St Agnes - Top to Toe - a full-day walk around St Agnes and Gugh visiting the main points of interest on both islands


Thursday 12th, 2.30pm

Uninhabited Samson - an opportunity to see the Bronze Age burial chambers and 17th to 19th century cottages on Samson and to take in the views from the hilltops - SOLD OUT, Chas will also be leading this walk on Tuesday 10th at 2.30pm


Places on all the walks must be pre-booked. Full details are available here 




More info?


E-mail me at katharine@scillywalks.co.uk